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Over the years many of us have been led to believe that if we were to meditate correctly, we must do so in a seated position, legs crossed, back straight, fingertips touching and of course we had to clear the mind. Oh, and we should plan to spend long periods of time doing so.

And so, the question has been asked a many times; who has time to meditate! I certainly didn’t think I had the time, and, in all honesty, I knew I didn’t have the patience to meditate, no matter the benefits to myself!

Meditation doesn’t have to be traditional

Although there is a place for “traditional” meditation, the great news is that we can break free from this structured practice while still receiving the benefits that accompany meditation.

Meditation can be done in any position that’s comfortable for you. Including lying down and sitting in a chair or a recliner. The key point is comfortable! Hands can rest where they are comfortable also, whether it be to your side or in your lap, there is no need to hold a specific pose. Simply find a position that is comfortable and use it. Don’t worry if you find yourself changing it up, that’s perfectly fine too!

Meditation can be done in as little of as 10 minutes. Did I just say 10 minutes? Yes, yes, I did and it’s the truth! Let me ask you, can you spare 10 minutes a day? I for one, could more easily find 10 minutes in my busy day than an hour or 2 for meditation. Suddenly adding nontraditional meditation to my routine looked more achievable.

After the time concern of meditation, the next biggest obstacle is the inability to clear our minds. It has been explained that we don’t need to clear our minds, we just need to become an observer of our thoughts. Which simply means, when a thought comes to mind, we acknowledge it and let it go instead of allowing the mind to spend time thinking about it. This probably seems much more realistic than clearing the mind completely, I know it does to me.  

So, are you ready to give it a try?

When we are just beginning the journey of meditation, I find it extremely helpful to use guided meditation. Guided meditation gives your mind something to concentrate on all the while guiding you into relaxation and helping quite the mind as it follows directions.

To help you get started I’d like to share a meditation I call Self Meditation. This meditation is designed to simply provide you with 10 minutes of quiet relaxation to allow your body and your mind to recharge.

 When we first begin meditating it will seem difficult, you may squirm and want to turn off the audio, you may begin thinking about your to do list and you may find yourself turning it off.

This is because we are trained to keep moving, there is so much to do that sitting still and even relaxing is not okay. Some may feel selfish for taking this small moment to themselves.

Our minds are also trained to run 100 miles an hour, so it will want to run every direction except to quiet itself. But don’t let that stop you because what is truly amazing is that we can also train the brain to enjoy these moments of quiet. In fact, it wont take long at all, before your body and mind are craving these small moments of meditation.

My challenge you today to begin taking just 10 minutes a day or every other day or simply when you can to meditate.

What’s so great about meditating?

The benefits of daily meditation no matter your skill level, beginner and expert alike are:

      • Reduces Stress
      • Lowers Anxiety
      • Improves Symptoms of Depression
      • Promotes Emotional Health
      • Enhances Self Awareness
      • Helps Relieves Pain
      • Improves Sleep
      • Sharpens Focus and Concentration
      • Support Cardiovascular Health

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