Emotional Healing


By nature, we are emotional creatures and as such we attach an emotion to every experience we have. Some of the emotions we experience are released right away, while others are stored within our subconscious mind and energy field; also known as the biofield or aura. These emotions remain with us and can be recalled in an instant.

Recalled Emotions

When our stored emotions are brought back to mind it’s usually an automatic response to what we are currently feeling or experiencing. In the world of emotions and energy, “like attracts like”. So, if you’re feeling happy then those stored happy emotions will rise to the surface, but the same is true for all emotions including fear, anger and sadness.

Recall is also driven by the subconscious mind. There are portions of our brain solely devoted to recording every experience we have, deciphering whether what we are experiencing is a threat and sending a warning signal if it declares we are not safe. So, the feeling or events we’re experiencing trigger past memories and emotions that are similar and those to rise to the surface as well.

The Energy Knot

During events in our lives whether big or small we create what I like to call Energy Knots. Within these energy knots we store the emotions, memories and energy from that event. Then we store those energy knots within our energy field and in our subconscious mind. Just imagine how many Energy Knots we create in our lifetime. How much is that emotion and energy weighing us down and without us even knowing it?

Energy Knots Recalled

When an Energy Knot is called to the surface it’s because we are experiencing and feeling the exact same way we did at another time in our life. Which is great when the emotion is joy but becomes far more troubling when the emotion is negative. Struggling through the current negative emotions of a situation is tough enough but adding the memories and emotions of the past can overpower us leaving us feeling helpless and defeated. This isn’t because we lack strength, this is because we flooded emotionally and left fighting through the past and the present together.

Finally, when all is said and done, we create a new Energy Knot for the current situation, adding it to our already congested energy field and subconscious. There it sits, waiting to be called upon in the future, only to be added to our next negative situation.  


Changing the Outcome

It may seem that the question is ‘how do we change our response to present situations’? However, the better question is; how can we release the Energy Knots that don’t bring us joy?

If we can release these Energy Knots we will no longer be tied to the past and there will be nothing to recall. We will be free to simply deal with what’s in front of us instead of reliving the past.

Take Control

With the help of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Energy Healing you can begin to release your stored Energy Knots. These techniques are very gentle and non-invasive, and the best part is, you are in control.

The Session

During an EFT and Energy Healing session we work together identifying and clearing these Energy Knots. We use light tapping pressure on acupressure points in the body while recalling the aspects of an event to minimize the emotional intensity of that Energy Knot. During which Healing Energy will flow through my hands and be directed to you, whether you physically in my presents or a world away. I will also use this energy to assist you in releasing the Energy Knots within your energy field so they cannot be recalled later.

By clearing and releasing these Energy Knots we can recall the memory without being flooded by the emotion. This means when we experience a similar feeling or event those emotions that once flooded us are not there to rise to the surface. We can simply deal with the event in front of us and leave the past where it belongs.


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