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Is true healing possible?

It most certainly is! We couple Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy Healing to do just that. These gentle holistic therapies can bring healing and wellness to every area of your life; Body, Mind & Soul.

Take control!

Emotional Freedom Technique allows you to focus on specific aspects of your healing, while the Energy Healing helps to clear stored energy and blockages within your energy field. This happens effortlessly as if these two therapies were a perfect match. Other complementary therapies include Meditation, Sound Healing, and more.

Emotional Healing

Are you struggling with unwanted emotions? Maybe it’s fear, hate, sadness, or jealousy? Maybe you can’t even put it into words, but you long for a day when you no longer carry it with you.

Anxiety Support

Struggling with anxiety is overwhelming! Even when being treated by a doctor it can still leave you with negative thinking, high emotional intensity, repeated thoughts, and more.

Stress Management

It’s true, we all have stress in our lives, but did you know that stress can cause our body physical pain and even lead to sickness?

Trauma and PTSD Support

The effects of trauma can remain in our body, mind, and energy field permanently and determine how we respond to the world. This is true even for the trauma that occurred before we could speak.

What is a Holistic Approach?

A Holistic approach to healing considers every part of a person, including the body, mind, and spirit. As we know, a broken leg can be mended and healed, however, trauma such as this may leave our minds and spirit with their own need for healing. Whether you are under a doctor’s care for a physical ailment or you’re in need of emotional or mental healing a Holistic approach is a great option to explore.


Can a Holistic Approach Help Me?

Honestly, the question should be “is a Holistic approach right for me?” There are many different healing options available, as you begin to explore them, take note of the ones that call out to you. Which ones intrigue you or sound interesting? Which ones do you keep thinking about or have a burning desire to try? Not all options will resonate with you so if you’re not drawn to them simply move on to the next one. You are in control of your healing so you must find what is right for you.

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Sessions are available World-Wide via Zoom

Session Options

Sessions are available in person and virtually, so the miles between us won’t limit your healing options.

* In-Person Sessions: Bowbells & Minot, North Dakota

* Virtual Sessions: Zoom Meeting

I also offer a free virtual 30-minute consultation where we can explore the best techniques for you.


"Impressed with the Calming and Healing Experience. "

Charlene shared Energy Healing and demonstrated on all eight ladies of our womens group. We were all impressed with the calming and healing experience.

Women’s Group, Lignite ND

"You can Feel the Love"

You are such a loving person and that alone is incredibly healing!


Authentic, Loving and Powerful

Charlene has carried me gently through much inner work , supporting me both with her powerful EFT and energy skills but also with her sensitive, centered and non judgemental presence. I’m so grateful for her guidance on my journey  and recommend her wholeheartedly.” 


Halina, United Kingdom

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