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Self Meditation

by Charlene Smart | 10 minute meditation for quiet relaxation with 5 additional minutes of music

Body Relaxation

by Charlene Smart | Full Body Relaxation and nothing but 16 minutes of relaxation.

Lost Yourself

by Charlene Smart | When you feel like you've lost yourself ~ maybe you're just growing

Meditation doesn’t have to be structured and traditional

There is a place for “traditional” meditation, but the great news is that we can break free from its structure.  What’s more, we will still receive the full benefits that accompany a traditional practice.

It can be done in any position that’s comfortable for you. Including lying down and sitting in a chair or a recliner. The key point is comfort! Hands can rest where they are comfortable, whether it be on your side or in your lap. There’s no need to hold a specific pose while meditating, and if you need to move, that’s perfectly fine too.

So, you don’t have time for meditation?

Well, guess what? It can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Did I just say 10 minutes? Yes, yes, I did and it’s the truth! Let me ask you, can you spare 10 minutes a day? I for one can easily find 10 minutes in my busy day than an hour or 2 for this practice. So does adding nontraditional meditation to your routine look more achievable?

Are you ready for a bonus? It can even be performed while walking. What? I know, it’s crazy, right? A walking meditation blends the physical experience of walking and exploring the world around us with mindfulness.


Are you ready to give Meditation a try?

When we are just beginning this journey, I find it extremely helpful to use guided meditations. Guided meditations give your mind something to concentrate on all the while guiding you into relaxation and helping quiet the mind as it follows directions.

To help you get started check out the Self Meditation audio above. It is designed to simply provide you with 10 minutes of quiet relaxation to allow your body and your mind to recharge.

Healing Light Wellness

Are you ready to begin or continue your healing journey?

Let Charlene Smart and Healing Light Wellness introduce themselves.

Healing Techniques include EFT and Energy Healing

To schedule a discovery call with Charlene or a healing session visit: https://healinglightwellness.as.me/

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