When you’re in pain there may be a better way!
Pain management with Energy Healing & Emotional Freedom Technique. 

Freedom from Pain

Relief From Pain with Energy Healing

Did you know that having pain can actually cause more pain?

When we experience pain that doesn’t quickly go away, we begin to associate emotions with that pain. For instance, when the pain flares we become frustrated, mad, angry, or even scared. These emotions, as well as the energy they create, are stored where the pain is emanating from. Thus, adding to our initial pain and causing more pain. When this cycle continues, we find ourselves in what I call The Pain Circle. The good news is that it can be broken with pain management through Energy Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique.

The Pain Circle

Imagine being in pain. A pain that continues for several hours, how frustratingPain Circle would that be? Now imagine a pain that lasts for days at a time. This is a deep pain that only intensifies as you move or breathe, and you have control over it. What emotions can you imagine coming to the surface?

Emotions have a Physcial Response

Under normal conditions when we are not in pain, our emotions cause a physical response in the body. What do you think happens when we experience that physical response when we are in pain? That’s right, it adds to our pain.

When we are in pain, the simple emotion of frustration causes the body to tense and the pain to increase. Our breathing becomes shallow, robbing our system of the much-needed oxygen which only adds to the pain.

As the pain continues to increase, we move from frustration to a stronger emotion. Which consequently increases the pain which causes a stronger emotion. This is what I call The Pain Circle.

As we venture around the Pain Circle the effect extends to those around us. Loved ones may notice that we are quick to anger, shorter with them than usual, and just not feeling ourselves. All of which can increase our pain.

Pain Management

So, what can we do? Through Energy Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique, we can help ease the Pain Circle. These techniques allow for relaxation while reducing pain and emotional discord to the body, mind, and spirit.

During a session

During an Energy Healing session we begin to help ease your pain by releasing the layers of emotional energy you have stored within your energy field and body. As the weight of the emotional energy is released it is replaced by pure healing energy.

In these sessions it’s as if we’re peeling back the layers of pain, removing each negative emotion, replacing it with healing light and decreasing the intensity of your pain. This is a gentle process and is beneficial for your overall mental and physical health.

Although we are focusing on your pain, the healing energy restores your whole body including your mind and spirit, helping you not only physically, but emotionally as well.

During your session we may be called to utilize Emotional Freedom Technique to encourge healing of the body, mind and soul.

Session can be performed both in person and at a distance.

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