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Are you struggling?

If your struggling with anxiety I don’t need  to tell you how overwhelming it is, but I want you to know that you are not alone. For many of us, what might have started off as normal stress and worry suddenly became all consuming. I use the word “normal” here because fear, stress and worry is part of our natural defense mechanism. However, when our natural defense mechanism becomes intensified and exaggerated we move from normal fear, stress and worry into anxiety.

Natural Defense

In the early days, long before the comforts and protection we know today, we lived in a world full of life threatening danger, and we were not on the top of the food chain. As humans we had just one goal, one drive. That goal was to live and our brain was specifically designed to accomplish just that. In order to survive we had to be on alert at all times. Our brain had to decide what was dangerous and what wasn’t and it had to make that decision in milliseconds.

When our brain perceived a threat it triggered the flight, fight or freeze response to enable us to protect ourselves. When this response was triggered, the body released cortisol and other stress hormones. It also caused physiological changes to the body like quickening the heartrate, in ability to think about anything else, but getting to safety and a reduction of pain sensations. We could run faster, jump higher, fight harder, and do what was necessary to survive.


Are you wondering why it matters?

Although today we no longer live in a world full of life threatening danger, we do live in a world full of perceived threats to our very survival. No, it may not be a large animal inviting us to dinner, now it’s the bills sitting in the mailbox, the boss calling you into his office, the mean girls waiting to ridicule you, the checkbook that never seems to have enough money and the thoughts in our heads. These are all perceived threats to our survival and as such or brain does what it is designed to do. It triggers the flight, flight, freeze response to enable you to survive.

For as amazing and advanced as the brain is, it cannot decipher the difference between a physical life threatening danger and an emotional danger. It treats all threats as if it were a tiger, triggering the need to fight or run from what is in front of us.

Imagine, if you will, how many different things in this world we are bombarded with on a daily basis. How many stressors we are forced to “survive” and how many times do we trigger our fight, flight or freeze response. It’s no wonder we struggle with anxiety.

So what do we do?

Well, we can’t stop the bills from coming in, refuse our boss when he calls us into his office or stop the world. So, does that mean we just have to suffer through this life? I don’t think it does, I just think it means we have to find different ways to deal with our stressors.

Through the use of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Energy Healing you may find you can release the emotional intensity connected to your stressors including negative thinking and repeated thoughts. You may even be able to clear past events that only add to the present stress you’re under reducing the intensity of the anxiety. To learn more please visit the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Energy Healing pages

I am being treated, I am fine! Right?

Even if you’re being treated for Anxiety you may still struggle with negative thinking, high emotional intensity, repeated thought and more. With the help of EFT and Energy Healing you may find a reduction in the intensity of these feelings and thoughts. EFT and Energy Healing should be used in conjunction with your medical treatment. In fact, they complement medical treatment and can be safely used together.

EFT has been shown in scientific studies to decrease anxiety levels by 40% in a single session. In clinical trials tracking the ongoing use of EFT, 76% of participants experience complete remission from anxiety symptoms and 90% experienced improvement. 78% of these participants maintained their gains after 1 year.

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