Treatment Support

Holistic Healing and Conventional Medicine are
perfectly designed to work together

When undergoing medical treatment, adding a holistic therapy like Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and the like will complement your treatment by supporting your body, mind and soul as a whole.

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What emotions do you think normally accompanies most treatments? The answer is fear and worry. The degree and specifics of these emotions vary from person to person and even treatment to treatment. Although we have every right to feel these emotions, they certainly do not aid us during this time. Fear and worry create more fear and worry. This causes more pain and discomfort while hindering our ability to heal.

Therapies such as Energy Healing and EFT can relieve our fear and worry while boosting our emotional state. This aids in pain reduction as well as our ability to heal.

Pain Relief

Have you found yourself in the Pain Circle? We talk about the Pain Circle on the Pain Managmenet page, but simply put, being in pain causes us more pain. It also causes more emotional stress which only increases our pain. Its very easy to find ourselves in a circle consisting of pain, emotions, more pain, more emotions, which all adds to the amount of pain we are forced to cope with.

If we could simply reverse the pain circle  could find ourselves with a lower intensity of pain. By utilizing Energy Healing techniques you can reduce your pain circle to help manage your pain.

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Learn more about the "Pain Circle"

Visit the Pain Management page for a deeper look at the Pain Circle

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EFT and Energy Healing can complement the treatment you are receiving


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