Emotional Healing

We are Emotional Creatures Who Need Emotional Healing

By nature, we are emotional creatures. As such, we attach an emotion to every experience we have. Some of the emotions we experience are released right away. While others are stored within our subconscious mind and energy field; also known as the biofield or aura. We carry these emotions with us just waiting for the moment when the subconscious brings them to the surface.

Recalled Emotions

Our stored emotions are brought back to mind in automatic response to what we are currently feeling or experiencing. Let me explain. In the world of emotions and energy, “like attracts like”. As a result, what we experience today causes similarly stored emotions and energy to rise to the surface.

This recall of past emotions and energy is driven by the subconscious mind to keep us out of harm’s way. Are you wondering how it does this? Well, the subconscious mind is responsible for deciphering whether an experience is a threat to us or if it’s safe. When an experience is viewed as a threat a warning signal is sent to the amygdala. Then the amygdala activates our fight or flight response to encourage us to remove ourselves from the threat.

The Energy Knot and Our Emotional Healing

During events in our lives whether big or small, we create what I like to call Energy Knots. Within these energy knots, we not only store the memories but the emotions and energy from that event. Then we place those energy knots within our energy field and carry them around with us instead of releasing them. Just imagine how many Energy Knots we create during our life. How much do you think they weigh us down without us even realizing it?

Waiting to be Called to the Surface

So, we’re just carrying around all these Energy Knots, what’s the big deal? In fact, the big deal is these energy knots do not just lay dormant. Nope, the subconscious mind uses them during the fight or flight response to try and get us to safety.

When an Energy Knot is called to the surface, we subconsciously re-experience the emotions and energy of that moment. It’s important to realize that when the mind recognizes familiar thoughts and feelings as being unsafe it goes into action. It tries to remind us of times we felt this same unsafe way in hopes we will get to safety.

Unfortunately, we normally don’t have the option to flee a meeting or simply take the hit and extract ourselves. So, we struggle through the current negative situation all the while being flooded by past emotions and energies.

Finally, when all is said and done, we create a new Energy Knot for the current situation. Adding it to our already congested energy field and there it sits, waiting to be called upon in the future.

Changing the Outcome with Emotional Healing

It may seem that the question is how do we change our response to the present situation? Better yet a better question may be can we release or let go of these Energy Knots?

The answer is most definitely yes! By releasing these Energy Knots, we provide ourselves space to live in the here and now.

If Energy Knots aren’t available to bring to the surface, then we’ve effectively cut our emotional ties to the past. Allowing us to simply deal with what is in front of us instead of reliving old negative emotions and energies.

Take Control

During an EFT and Energy Healing session we work together to identify and clear these Energy Knots. We use light tapping action on acupressure points on the body. All the while recalling the aspects of an event to minimize the emotional intensity of that Energy Knot. During which Healing Energy will flow through my hands and be directed towards you to help release the knot.

This means when you experience a similar feeling or event those emotions that once flooded you are not there to rise to the surface. Ultimately allowing you to deal with the event in front of you while leaving the past where it belongs.

Whether you are physically in my presents or a world away, you too can experience this type of emotional healing

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