Schedule a Sessions

Schedule a session ~ they are available Worldwide via Zoom or Phone and
in-person in Minot & Bowbells North Dakota

Sessions Scheduled in 90 Minute Blocks

A 90-minute session allows for deep healing as well as integrating and adjusting to the energy that shifts with the clearing of blocks and triggers. This also gives us time to discuss personal work to be done between sessions.

What to Expect

We will begin by setting a clear intention for your healing. We will explore the blocks and triggers holding you back from embracing your intention. Together we will work to clear the emotional and energetic charges of these triggers.

Session Options

Energy HealingEnergy Healing

Lay back and relax as I help you to process and release old baggage and energy blockages.

Fill in the Blank Motivational Social Media Template for Engagement 1Emotional Freedom Technique

Take control of your healing session by combining Cognitive & Exposure therapy (talk therapy) with acupressure.

*Bonus ~ During an Emotional Freedom Technique session you will also receive the benefit of Energy Healing.

Schedule a Session

Sessions are available World-Wide via Zoom

Session Options

Sessions are available in person and virtually, so the miles between us wont limit your healing options.

In Person Sessions: Bowbells & Minot, North Dakota

Virtual Sessions: Zoom & Phone Sessions

I also offer a free consultation where we can explore the best techniques for you.

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