Energy Healing

For your body, mind and spirit

Energy Healing

is a very gentle and noninvasive therapy that can be used with children, adults and even animals. The basis for energy healing begins with the understanding that our bodies not only function on a mechanical level, but also an energetic one as well.  In order for our bodies to function at its optimum level we must take our energetic side into account.  

Just as our mechanical body has a job; the heart pumps blood through our veins to send oxygen and nutrients to our organs, so too does our energetic body. Our bodies are designed to allow for energy flow and movement, in fact, to run at their best this is a requirement. If our energy is not flowing or moving properly it can and will affect our bodies even on the mechanical level. Yep, that’s right, having an energy blockage can cause our organs to not function at their best and over time can actually cause physical ailments and disease. 


So now we know 

our bodies are energy and we hold our feelings and emotions from trauma in our energy field and because of this our energy flow slows down, which can cause physical ailments and diseases. At this point you may be asking yourselfis this reversible 

Absolutely! Through Energy Healing we are able to help you begin to process and release these moments and events you’ve been carrying. By releasing the deep seated emotions or energy associated with an event, you not only free yourself of its weight, but it will also allow your energy to begin to flow again. Energy Healing can ease the stress on your body as well as your mental and emotional states 

Let’s talk about the how

Not only does energy flow around us, but through us as well. During your session you will lie fully clothed on the treatment table, you may choose to close your eyes or keep them open. Your job is to relax and allow the healing energy to wash over you. My job is to connect with God, the Creator of All Things and His healing energy (if the name God does not resonate with you, please replace it with the name that does, everything I do is rooted in the Divine), the energy then moves through my hands towards your energy field and body. My hands will hover above your body and I may, only with your permission, lightly touch or tap your body.  

As the energy flows through me, I allow myself to be guided by God as to where the energy is needed, so I will move around the treatment table several times during a session. As the energy encounters an area of past trauma, it will begin to help you naturally heal and release the emotions and ties you have to that event. By releasing the emotion, we free ourselves from the weight of those feelings and we’ll no longer carry them around with us, allowing them to slow our energy flow.  

Our bodies are truly miraculous

Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, and deep relaxation and good energy flow are highly beneficial. Energy Healing sessions will not only help clear energy blocks and get your energy moving, but they will also provide you with a deep relaxation.  


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