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Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of introducing my myself. I am Charlene Smart a Mental Wellness Coach, utilizing Energy Psychology techniques such as Energy Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT & Tapping) to help you reduce your stress, anxiety, pain and so much more.

Well where do we start? To really get to know me I think we need to head back to the beginning ~

When I was a little girl, I knew I was different…strange even. It was as if people would look at me and decide they could share their worries, fears and sometimes even their secrets with me. Then they would turn, with a smile on their face and walk away. What I did not understand then, is that God had blessed me with the amazing gift of healing.

As time went on, I realized that people felt better after we had spent time together. I also found I was able help those with headaches and physical pain as well. When I worked with someone it was always above their body or with a very light touch. What I was doing could not be called massage, but it was not until many, many years later when I was introduced to Reiki that I finally understood. This gift I had, had a name, which made me less freakish…or more to the point, it made me feel less freakish and strange.

Energy Healing 

To learn more about my gift I was encouraged by a friend to take a Reiki Class. Though I had heard the name before I had no experience with this technique. So, I set out to learn more about it.

As I began learning about it, I did what I always when something calls to me, I jumped in with both feet. I began as finished a Reiki class and soon I was a a Reiki Master. However, after solely practicing Reiki, I realized that there was a whole piece of ‘me’ missing. I found the structured technique did not allow for me to be led during a session, I was in what I call the Reiki box, and although I was helping my clients with their mental and physical wellness, I was holding myself back.

I decided to open my mind, break free of the structure, and reconnect with the gift God had given me. So, I opened my heart, got my thinking mind out of the way and began to let the energy call me to where it was needed in the body. I once again was listening to God and allowed Him to guide and direct my hands. The results were amazing, for both my clients and myself. My clients were releasing the past and living more fully in the present.

Taking Control of Mental Wellness

I seem to always be on the lookout for how I can better serve my clients and help them take back control of their mental and physical wellness.

Several years ago, I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short. Though I was skeptical about this technique, I mean seriously, how can banging on yourself help with your mental or physical wellness? But I bravely gave it a whirl, not expecting much at all only to be blown away by what I experienced.

I started with small things of course but keep pushing the limits of EFT and before I knew it, events that had controlled my life, my actions and reactions released their hold on me. I like to say that Emotional Freedom Technique cannot take a memory away, but it allows us to release the emotion and energy associated with that memory. And let’s be honest, it’s not the physical memory of the event that brings us to our knees, but the feelings, emotions, and energies we are flooded with while recalling it.

It didn’t take long to realize how much potential this technique held for my clients, so I set out to become a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner myself! I received my certification through EFT Universe and it has truly been a blessing to witness the changes taking place for my clients.

Combining Both my Passions for Mental Wellnes

After adding EFT to my practice, I kept both techniques separate, only offering an Energy Healing or EFT sessions. Until one day in the middle of an EFT session I got the call to combine both techniques. By call I mean the burning desire and pull from God to expand what I thought a session should be and break free of the box I had put myself in.

So, I got out of the way and allowed God to guide me. As my client and I tapped, the energy (Gods energy) that I feel during an Energy Healing session began to flow through me. Before I really had time to register exactly what was going on I began to direct that energy toward my client, all the while never missing beat with the tapping.

As we continued to tap, and the energy continued to flow I realized that I was also connecting with the client’s energy related to the topic we were working on. I was able to connect with it, direct the healing energy to it and help the client release the energy block. It appeared as if my client was able to release the energy and emotion on a deeper level than before. It truly was an amazing experience for the client and me.

From that day forward

When we work with EFT my clients also receive an Energy Healing session as well. What I love most about combining both practices, is that you are totally in control of your healing. Through EFT you choose what moments and emotions you want to focus on. All the while allowing the healing energy to flow around you. I have found my clients are experiencing healing on all levels, body, mind, and spirit.

Although I still offer strictly Energy Healing Sessions for those clients who want to enjoy the relaxation that accompanies these sessions, each EFT session is naturally combined with an Energy Healing session as well.

If you would like to learn more: Energy Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about myself and my practice. Should you have any questions please feel free to email me charlene@healinglightwellness.com  If you are interested in working with me and you’d like to see if we are the right fit, please feel free to schedule a free 30 consultation: Schedule Today

I believe that no matter what healing technique or techniques you choose to experience and there are many available to you, you must feel comfortable with not only the technique, but also the practitioner. Not all practitioners or techniques are the same, so please find the ones that call to you.

Remember you have the power to change your life!

In Light and Love,

Charlene Smart



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