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Through the use of Energy Psychology techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT or Tapping), Intuitive Reiki and Heart Coherence you can begin to take control and transform your life. Each of these techniques provide a unique benefit and way of healing. For instance, with Intuitive Reiki we work with the energy of the body and within the energy field. We allow your energy to guide us through the healing.

However, with EFT you take control of your healing by consciously directing and engaging the mind, while incorporating energy movement with Acupressure. And finally, with Heart Coherence we allow the heart, brain, and emotions to work together, to help reduce stress and anxiety.

All mentioned therapies are suitable for all ages including young children.

Deeper Exploration of these Healing Techniques and more

Intuitive Reiki – Energy Healing

Emotional Freedom



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