Stress Management

Stress Seems Like a Small Thing

How many times have we heard someone say, “oh it’s no big deal, I am just stressed”?  Although stress seems like a small thing, something that comes and goes like the ebb and flow of the ocean tide, it affects us on many levels and leaves its long-term mark.

We all know the major physical signs of stress; stomach issues, headache, insomnia, irritability, fatigue, and honestly the list goes on and on. But understanding how stress, worry and anxiety affect us on an energetic level is just as important even if you cannot see or feel it. You may be asking yourself, if I can’t see it or feel it do I really need to be concerned?

The Answer is Yes

Most definitely yes! Because we cannot see it or feel it, we do nothing to release it. The energetic scars of stress remain with us, lingering and building in intensity with each stressful moment. Ultimately, we add stress, upon stress, upon stress and carry it around like heavy bags of sand that weighs us down.

Energy Knot

Stress comes at us from all sides and if we’re being honest with one another, it also come from within. When we feel stress, worry or anxiety we create what I like to call an Energy Knot. This knot includes not only the stress, but also our emotional state as well as the memories from that moment. We store these energy knots within our energy field and carry them around with us. Instead of releasing them we hold on to them and continue adding to our collection. The next time we feel stressed or worried these energy knots make their way to the surface and add to the present stress we’re feeling. 

Like attracts like

Just like so many of us, emotional energy attracts the same type of emotional energy and guess what? We have been storing years worth of emotional energy knots and they’re just waiting to rise to the surface. 

The problem this poses it that we find ourselves not only struggling through the stress and anxiety of the present, but now we must fight through past stress as well. It’s no wonder why sometimes we feel like we just can’t take it anymore and why someone on the outside sees our stress, worry and anxiety as no big deal. They can’t see all the other energy knots were fighting our way through.

Silver Lining

The silver lining is that you can take control and begin living in the present instead of constantly fighting through the past.

With the help of Energy Healing and the Emotional Freedom Technique you can begin to release your stored energy knots. These techniques are very gentle and non-invasive and the best part is…you are in control.

The Session

During an Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy Healing session you will begin to release the energy knots you’ve been carrying around as healing energy surrounds you. Layer by layer we will work together to give you a brighter tomorrow.

Each one of us is as unique as the grains of sand on the shore and as such each person’s sessions and healing journey will be just as unique.

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Imagine a day when todays stress is all you are forced to process.