A Healer with a Past Healing Journey?

Have you ever been on a healing journey? A journey to release what is holding you back, release the energy, emotions, and stories that tell you who you are and what your place is.

Me to!

Sounds funny right? A healer that needs healing! Right, but here is the thing, I am a human same as you. I’ve had experiences and trauma in my life that have made me who I am, which cause me to hold myself back and keep myself stuck.

I used to wonder, who would seek a healer who carries around a bunch of crap. I mean seriously if I am looking to rid myself of my baggage why would I go to someone who has baggage? So, the only solution is to find a healer who has experienced a peaceful upbringing, someone who exudes calm in every aspect of their life and with every thought in their head. A healer who has never fought and scraped their way through life. One who has never known adversity that clouds their judgment and view of the world. I need a healer who is perfect in every way, then and only then will I be able to begin my true healing journey.

Of course, at this point, I turned inwards. If this is what I’m looking for and it’s the only true option, then how could I ever follow my path to healing and help anyone?

Insert self-loathing internal monologue here.

Unexperienced Life

What a load of manure! Look around you, very few of us have the privilege to grow up in Utopia or a monastery for that matter, am I right? Let’s not sugarcoat it, every single person who is living this life has crap! After spending a very long time “working” on myself, you know letting go of the emotion and energy associated with my crap, I realized that I wouldn’t want a healer that hasn’t experienced life, sadness, trauma, fear, and everything in between. How could someone untouched by this life understand even a tiny fraction of what I am feeling and experiencing? They would see the world in a completely different way so how could they connect and guide me?

Instead of perfection, I realized that I’d prefer to work with someone who has experienced this life, with all its pain and suffering, joy, love, and hope. That’s right my friend, how would we truly know the sweet parts of life without the struggles to gauge them by? So ahead I went, I knew my path was to help as many people as I could, and with my “perfect healer” belief in the rearview mirror, I set out to continue my healing journey.

Healing Journey Expectations

I’ll be honest about my healing journey; it wasn’t fast and it’s not over. Let’s read that again – it wasn’t fast and it’s not over. When you think about your healing journey, what are your expectations of it? Do you think you’ll pop over to the local Reiki practitioner a time or two and poof life is all good? I suppose if you visited Hogwarts for your sessions, they could wave their magic wand and you’d be right as rain. But here’s the thing, Hogwarts exists about as often as the “perfect healer” does.

So yes, I am still on my healing journey. I had 40+ years of baggage and it doesn’t poof itself away in a year or 4 years. Does that discourage you or give you pause about your own healing journey? I hope it doesn’t, however, I am a realist…at times. My guess is there may be a part of you stomping their foot saying, “well if it never ends, why should we even begin?”

Healing Finish Line

Are you expecting there to be a beginning and an end? That it’s like a hiking trail that begins at the trailhead and loops around over rocky terrain until you find yourself at the end? Well, if it loops around then the end is the beginning. Yep, you would find yourself right where you began and that is NOT what your healing journey is about.

Our healing journey is not a loop, nor is it a straight line and there is no finish line. I believe it only ends with our last breath. As much as I want to experience a moment like in the movies where the pastor places a hand on my forehead and shouts “YOU’RE HEALED!” as the crowd goes wild, I’ve come to realize that it takes a little more work than that for most of us.

We Change as we Heal

We may not get to our last breath having reached that precipice of perfection here on this earth, but we don’t need to be perfectly perfect and healed to be free of our past. With each layer of the past that we shed, do you think we remain unchanged? No, we change, grow, and step into our true selves and out of the shadows of our past.

We must stop waiting for the finish line and start celebrating our victories as we have them. Today the layer you shed is your finish line! Rejoice in that reality and celebrate that you are no longer controlled by your past even if it’s just a little change. Then throw yourself a party when you realize all those little victories have added up to a huge one!

Don’t get discouraged along the way

Your healing journey is not a forced march, feel free to stand at its trailhead until you’re ready. Along the way you may consider quitting, maybe that’s where you are right now. But I want you to remember that you are in control. This is your journey, at your speed, and resting is not quitting. Have compassion and patience with yourself and when you are ready simply continue moving forward. Remember you’re not starting at the beginning; you are simply picking up where you left off.

I am filled with so much love for you and no matter where you are on your journey, I want you to know you’re not alone. I would truly love to be a part of your celebrations, please email me with your victories so we can rejoice together!

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No matter where you find yourself on your journey today, I am sending you love and light.


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